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Join us for an evening
dedicated to Peace

with Prem Rawat - Salvo Ficarra - Lab Orchestra - Massimo Minutella

Today, more than ever, there is a strong need to unite our voices and proclaim every person’s right to live in peace. It’s time to reclaim our dignity as human beings and rise above the clamor of conflicts, internal and external, which fill our days. There are too few opportunities to express our natural inclination to have a full and serene life.

On June 28, in the fascinating Greek theater of Segesta, we have such an opportunity. To share a special moment of celebration of peace and life.




Sunday  June 28th, 2015


Segesta's Greek Amphitheatre | Calatafimi Segesta, Sicily, Italy


5:30 pm - venue opens

7:15 pm - event starts 

9:10 pm - event ends






Tips: Comfortable shoes, be prepared for cooler evening temperatures.
Dress code: smart casual / evening attire.
Consider bringing along a bottle of water and a hat.

There will be shuttles taking guests from the parking
lot to the amphitheater (EUR 1.50, to be paid directly
on the bus).

We recommend arriving early.


For accomodation and B&Bs in Segesta and other local tourist services, please contact:


How to get there:

- By plane: Palermo airport, 35 min drive. Trapani airport,  35 min drive

- By car: motorway Palermo-Trapani, exit Segesta.
Two large parking lots are available on site.

- By bus: special bus rides departing at 5:00 pm from Palermo, Piazza Sturzo (next to Politeama)


Mazara del Vallo, from  Piazzale G. B. Quinci.

(Fare to be paid directly on the bus).



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